Marloth Park is a wildlife sanctuary situated on the southern boundry of the Kruger National Park. (Approximately 390 kilometers from Pretoria). Marloth has its own wildlife and boasts four of the big five with the exception of elephant , however as the crocodile river forms the boundary between Marloth Park and the Kruger National Park you are lightly to spot elephants playing in the river.

Buffalo , rhino and lion are confined to Marloth's game reserve "Lion Spruit" whereas the rest of the game such as Kudu , Zebra , Giraffe , Blue Wildebeest,  Nyala , Impala , Warthog, Ostrich and plenty more aren't restricted by fences and roam freely between the units that are built on 3000 hectares

Lion sightings are also reported from time to time and Elephant often visit the Crocodile River that forms the boundary to the Kruger National Park. A variety of restaurants will cater for the hungry while two shops supply the self catering guests.

In addition to this Marloth Park offers all the basic commodities such as a hardware store, curio shop, liquor store and more.